Stop comparing Japan’s disasters to others

Japan is going through a major disaster of epic proportions and here we’re witnessing comments about Japanese having “better” culture and we don’t see the lootings that we saw in Katrina or other places.

No looting?  Are you sure?  What is there to loot?  The fucking tsunami has washed away everything that could be looted!  What are you going to loot, a washed up LCD TV?  Where are you going to take your loot to?  Homes are gone, people are gone, there has been no chance of looting!  Cars are on rooftops so you can’t transport your loot either!

They forget all of these and they focus on “difference in culture”!  As if they saw the “chance” to loot and are now reporting on the lack of it due to differences in culture!

This is becoming a multi faceted disaster that after 3 days of mounting problems the Japanese are slowly starting to ask for help from IAEA and other agencies.  Everyone is ready to help while the Japanese nuclear experts are preparing for hari kiri!  When the melt down occurs we may see them killing themselves for the failed plants than trying to find a solution.  How is that for differences in culture?  Is that any “better”?

There is no sense in comparing cultures or not worrying about rich Japan because they’re not, people need help.  One in six people in Japan are now ‘poor’. Stay away from clichés and don’t repeat some nonsense.  This disaster is nowhere near in control and the Japense government is not even being honest and upfront about it.  They need help and they need to ask for it and be serious about it.

Of course compared to poor countries like Haiti or Indonesia they’re much better off but with the nuclear meltdown looming this could very well affect all of us.

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