Where is USrael?

When we were kids we all have been asked by our teachers or parents or friends where a specific country was and if we had good knowledge about its history geography, etc. Even when we are grown ups have been faced with these questions. If we did not know the country, then we asked for clues. So I want to ask you where is USrael? I guess you never heard of such a county. Am I right? So I give you more clues to see if you can point it out on the map of the world.

This country has a capitalist system of government, but since communists have misused this word so often, they prefer to say free enterprise system instead. This is the only country in the world where paper money is just one color and size and on the back of each note is printed ‘I GOLD WE TRUST’. Every country is dependent on these small notes with pictures of bearded men and any country which does not obey its rules and regulations and does not recognize it as supermoney could be destroyed. The enemies call this symbol of freedom and democracy as ‘green syphilis’. The people hate communism, Fascism, Apartheid, but do not mind Zionism, even they help to remove that from the list of racist ideologies such as Nazism and communism in the United Nation. The ideology of the system is democracy, for whatever it means for anybody. Zionism is much respected in this land, and it has not the negative intonation which it has in other countries and cultures. This is the only country where they still talk about a horrible event that happened about 70 year ago. If you do channel surfing you can find 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year some channels broadcasting films about holocaust. No matter since then there have been many genocides and holocausts and still a constant holocaust is going on part of this land which is under occupation.

Everybody enjoys freedom and all the citizens are equal, but some are more equal. The degree of equality depends on two things: the amount of wealth they control, and if have blood of certain Semitic tribes. There are no political prisoners in this country, but the have the biggest and most sophisticated and modern prisons in the whole world with a high rate of prisoners. The inmates are all criminals who have broken the laws of the land. Prisoners are from many different ethnic groups, Asians, Arabs, blacks, Latinos, etc. The government never sends ax man after its enemies, but the taxman; and the laws regarding the capitalist system are so sophisticated and complex that they will definitely find enough evidence to convict the enemy of the state by that method. Freedom of speech is a basic right of all, but there are many taboos in the country that if you are brave enough to challenge it, the ax man of the government comes after you, such as holocaust, superiority of Mosses children, etc.

This country is the most civilized government in the United Nation members. All those atrocities which are committed by the government of other countries are never committed by the government of this country to its own people. The government never assassinates, never tortures, never take hostages of those who are dissidents. Instead deals with them by the civilized way of targeted killing, harsh interrogation, and arrest. They have many prisons around the word such as camp 1391, prison six, Abugharib, Guantanamobe reserved for those unhealthy dirt of the earth who need to be reeducated. It has been said that if an angry elephant goes to one of these prisons it may come as a happy animal claiming it is a rabbit. They use the most scientific method to interrogate, subject to harsh treatments who have been arrested. Since torture is forbidden in this country, they had to devise many humane method and devices for such harsh interrogation. This country is one of the biggest exporters of these method and devices.

The people of this country pursue the business of happiness and are mixed very well. It is the model of civil society. There is no discrimination against anybody and every body associates with the other ethnic groups. There is no glass ceiling, apartheid wall, or racial barriers between the many different ethnicities. If you see anything contrary to what I say, that is because some terrorist try to take advantage of such a civil society. All people can move freely and if there is some restriction on the movement or placement of certain kind of people and there are confined to ghettos, refugee camps, special zones, reservations lands, restricted area, that is because the resident are unhealthy and have to be kept away of these civilized society.

Geographically this country is located in many continents, but it has a unified political system. The reason for this is that the political system has an insatiable appetite for lands, even it belongs to others, and indefinite capacity to use violence to obtain it. They consider any good real estate in the world as their own by birth right, and they will do anything civilized methods to make sure it is their own. They are the most peace-loving people and that is why it has troops in many countries and hold pieces of many countries by the power of their guns. They never attack any country, the army always defends itself by going to other countries, and that is the reason why it has around 130 bases around the world, just to keep the peace and promote democracy and freedom.

The president of the country is elected by the people and there are two main qualification it should have, to be 6 feet or taller and to be rich or have rich friends, although having less melanin will help a lot. The most important job of the president is as a weapon salesman. The elite of this country are from the chosen race or super race and for that matter they dislike rogue states such as those who are called eye-ran-ians.

If you have not figured it out, I give you a clue: it is the only superpower in the world. If have not find the answer, enlarge the flag of the country, and look at it carefully.

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