Leading to War (2008)


How does a government lead its people to war? How does it communicate to
its citizens — and to the wider world — the reasons and rationale for
initiating military conflict? What rhetorical devices and techniques are
employed? And how is a nation brought to support the profound decision
to wage war against another nation? These are the questions that LEADING
TO WAR seeks to explore.

This 72-minute film shows the evolution of the United States
government’s case for military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime,
leading to the Iraq War which began in 2003.

LEADING TO WAR is comprised entirely of archival news footage —
without commentary, without voiceover — presented chronologically from
President Bush’s State of the Union address in January, 2002 (the “axis
of evil” speech), and continuing up to the announcement of formal U.S.
military action in Iraq on March 19, 2003.

Covering these 14 months, the film presents selected interviews,
speeches, and press conferences given by President Bush and his
administration, including Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of
Defense D… >>>

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