USA moves towards Caliphate

The United States is a stronghold of tolerance, including towards Muslims. However, the latter time after time demonstrates bizarre twists. The owner of an Islamic television channel fighting with the negative stereotypes about Muslims has brutally murdered his wife, and Imam of “Mosque Ground Zero” that promised to be a bastion of moderate Islam, called to imprison those who refused to believe in Allah.

One of the most notorious trials of recent years has ended recently in the United States. On March 9 the court in Buffalo, NY, sentenced an American of Pakistani descent Muzammila Hassan to 25 years in prison for the brutal murder of his wife on February 12, 2009. The investigation found that the wife asked the 44-year-old Hassan for a divorce. He purchased two hunting knives, sharpened them to a razor sharpness, and then early in the morning he caught his wife in a dark hallway and stabbed her 40 times. Muzammil Hasan then cut off her head, and then went to the police and reported that he found his wife dead.

Even when it was proved that it was he who killed his wife, Hasan changed his testimony and began to assure judges that he committed murder in self-defense, the wife allegedly attacked him first, and he had to kill her. However, Judge Thomas Francique did not have a slightest confidence in his stories and the murderer was sentenced to the maximum term

The most surprising in this story is another thing. Muzammil Hassan is a well-kn… >>>

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