West violates article 27 of UN Charter, Interview with Franklin Lamb, international lawyer,

Gaddafi in his address to the UN in 2009 stating that,”It should not be called the Security Council it should be called the Terror Council”, and that “The veto is against the Charter”.
A civil war has already begun in Libya between Gaddafi loyalists and the US-organized armed rebels, as the US is taking sides in the civil war.

Press TV talks with Franklin Lamb, international lawyer from Beirut who clarifies the illegitimacy of the UN’s no fly zone intrusion against a member state of the UN in civil war; US and NATO violation of the UN Charter of taking sides in a civil war; and why they must now violate law again to go after Gaddafi like they went after Saddam.

Press TV: In terms of NATO taking control of command in Libya, what is the impact of this development? Is the US and the UK resigning themselves to the background? These countries have invested billions of dollars in their operations in Libya.

Franklin Lamb: It’s a purely domestic, political calculation from the side of the US. President Obama has taught constitutional law in law school. He knows what our constitution says. I have also taught constitutional law and I know what the constitution says. And Under Article 1 section 8 clause 11, it could not be more clear, that the founding fathers, Madison, Adams, and Washington and the West gave Congress and ‘only’ Congress the power to declare war. Congress wasn’t considered in this case. Even Bush considered Congress. >>>

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