UK-Israel mutual admiration provokes “technicolor yawn”

Stuart Littlewood considers the new depths into which the British government has sunk by hailing the UK’s friendship with the rogue state of Israel – a nuclear-armed apartheid entity that commits crimes and flouts international law with impunity – and setting off the process to block the arrest of war crimes suspects arriving from “friendly” countries.

Last week a stomach-churning love-in was conducted between the British government and the racist state of Israel at Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The theme was “Sixty Years of British-Israeli Diplomatic Relations”.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague, in his keynote address said the UK’s relationship with Israel goes far beyond the realm of diplomatic relations. “It is based on bonds between families and communities as well as shared values and common interests. Israel is a friend and a strategic partner of this country in the Middle East, and we are very grateful for that.”

Dear reader, you can see where this is leading. You are strongly advised to have a sick-bag ready.


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