Metal-Based Nanocomposite Synthesized by Low-Cost Method

The idea of metal-based nanocomposites’ synthesis by accumulative roll bonding (ARB) method was proposed by Dr. Mohammad Paydar, faculty member at University of Shiraz, and me on 2008 and came into practice in 2009″, Dr. Morteza Alizadeh, faculty member at Shiraz University of Technology, said in an interview with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council news service.

“We used accumulative roll bonding (ARB) process. It outweighs its counterparts in terms of utilizing metallic sheets as raw material. Metallic sheets are cheaper than metallic powders,” he added.

 Elaborating on the procedure of Al/B4C synthesis, Alizadeh said, “After we conducted the surface preparation, comprising of brushing and solvent washing, we poured appropriate amount of ceramic nanoparticles powder on a sheet of the desired alloy. We then put a sheet similar to the first one on nanoparticles. Their whole set was rolled by 50% decrease in thickness simultaneously and was cold-welded according to the results of solid state welding.”

“The outcome of the aforesaid process is two-layered aluminum sheets along with intermediate later of ceramic nanoparticles powder.”

He gave further explanations about the research procedure, and said, “In the next step, we cut produced sheets into two equal halves in length. These two halves were put over each other after surface preparation, rolled by 50% decrease in thickness and cold-welded. Finally, after several …

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