The Arab Spring: A Fair Weather Illusion

We are currently witnessing contradictory and confused responses by the Obama administration to the upheavals sweeping the Arab world. They highlight the failure of previous US governments to pressure autocratic Arab allies to introduce domestic reform.

With media support, the administration has been promoting an utterly misleading image of an “Arab Spring” led by peaceful, secular Arabs revolting against tyranny. For example, in its frenetic efforts to provide an idealized spin to the upheaval in Egypt, the State Department even suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood poses no threat because it has adopted a “low profile” and is becoming “secularized.” In fact, the young liberal protesters who initially led the uprising have been shunted aside.

It now appears that the most positive outcome of the revolt would be for the military to replace Hosni Mubarak’s autocracy. But a jihadi regime could also assume control. Even under the best circumstances, the new government will be strongly influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood, the creator of Hamas, which supports global terrorism.

One of its principal clerics, the charismatic anti-Semite Yusuf al-Qaradawi, exiled by Mubarak, recently returned in glory and preached virulent hatred of Israel to massive crowds of cheering demonstrators.

If elections are held, the most likely winner would be Arab League head Amr Moussa. It is noteworthy that Mubarak, himself no friend of Israel, dismi… >>>

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