Welcome new members

Recently our site has been blessed with some fresh air. The arrival of some new comers to the site, is a very good omen for believing that “good things still happen” to us.

It was a long time that we were used to the same old names and habit, same old conversions which were becoming too repetitive and boring.

Suddenly, I discovered Shirin (ahang1001) with her amazing talent, her great sense of humor and her high level of intelligence. I became her fan, immediately. I love you dear Shirin!

Then I happened to read some nice blogs from Afsaneh (Hafez for beginners), very useful. I am amazed by her passion and devotion to the Persian literature and especially Hafiz, our dear great poet. No matter if I agree with her vision and perception about Hafez poetry, I think she is doing is a great job. She is providing a good space for discussion and exchanges of ideas. This is very nice and much appreciated.

Finally it comes the turn of our dear Persian dance teacher, Kamran. He is passionate, nice and intelligent. He is very innovative. With his funny speeches and dance classes, he tackle a difficult job of gathering different people with different background and ideas, around the subject of Persian traditions (not exactly the culture)………and this is fabulous!

I am glad those new members have joined to iranian.com and contribute to its content, everyday. I thank them for bringing this fresh air we needed since a while now, after reading the same old debates almost every day!

Also I want to take the opportunity to thank some of our much older contributors like Ari, Faramarz, MPD, Anahid and our dear Dr Saadat Noury. Without their daily efforts we could never keep the quality of these pages so interesting. I’m glad to have all these gems( and some other great contributors who work rarely, but consciously) in our site .

Thank you guys.

I am very proud of you.

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