Where are the Allaho Akbar Blogs? I wish Israel invaded Gaza Again!

In the past few months we have been witness to some amazing events in the Middle East and North Africa.  A serious component of these events are the brutal killings and treatment of civilians by the Arab rulers and regimes who have cried Palestine for the past 60 years.

I am talking about what Syria’s Assad is doing to his own people- Just today another 27 killed!

I am talking about all the civilians killed in Libya by Qadaffi 

I am talking about Egypt’s Mubarak




Then I thought about this silly blog during Israel’s invasion of Gaza:


And then I wondered, why hasn’t there been an outcry on Iranian.com about all the cold blooded killings of Muslims by Muslims? Where are the radical IRI supporters? Where are the Radical Leftist anti Zionist Israel Haters? Where are all the resident Iranian anti Semites?

Not even a single serious blog from them condemning all this killing of innocent civilians by Arab leaders?

Not one shout of Allah Akbar in support of these poor Arabs who want freedom? 

Remember how they all said that the Middle East could not change because of the Israeli Palestinian conflict? 

What happened?

I really wish Israel invaded Gaza again so we can be exposed to the hypocrisy of these radicals who have just disappeared form the face of Iranian.com. 

Allaho Akbar!


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