The plan to target Syria and its backdrop

Editorial: The plan to target Syria and its backdrop
The plan to target Syria is linked to a new American strategy to adapt to and exploit the Arab changes. It seems clear that the American empire has adopted a plan to weaken, deplete and drown Syria in chaos if possible, under headlines related to the support of the demands of reform, for reasons linked to the American-Israeli interests in the region.
The Americans endured a great loss and an even greater disappointment due to the popular response to the calls for action in Egypt. Indeed, this action imposed the ousting of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Vice President Omar Suleiman, whom the Americans were hoping to appoint as the president’s successor to guarantee the continuation of the Egyptian regime’s commitments toward the United States and Israel.
The American inclination took the character of the support of the action for reform in Syria, through the transfer of the protests and the provision of a regional Saudi-Lebanese-Jordanian network to support the groups which are linked to the American project and include opposition Syrian sides and figures living abroad and are loyal to the American and Western influence.
The conflict over Syria was always the pivotal point of the colonial invasions in the region, and the Americans – who have been leading an ongoing invasion in partnership with Israel for over forty years – know this strategic reality. This time, the…

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