Making the World Safe for “Terrorism”

The September 11, 2001 attack – the first aerial bombings on American
soil – compelled the United States government to wage a War on
Terrorism. After ten years of this battle, the U.S. has neither won the
war nor contained terrorism – just the opposite – terrorism has grown in
size, geographical extent and power. One reason for this contradiction
is obvious; the U.S. has blended its battle against terrorism with
preservation of American global interests. Each blended component
contradicts the other and creates confusing missions in U.S. foreign and
military policies.

To the United States, terrorism has one principal appearance, the
faces of those who committed the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on
U.S. soil. From this cataclysmic event, U.S. authorities shaped their
definition of terrorists and devised a strategy to combat them. Due to a
lack of recognition of the contradictions between an asymmetrical war
and a war to achieve global objectives, the War on Terrorism has been
converted into conflicts to preserve American corporate interests. The
U.S. government has sidetracked its assignment and betrayed its duty to
the American public.

Almost immediately, the battle to prevent terrorism evolved into
conflagrations in Iraq and Afghanistan; the former having no relation to
terrorism and the latter still of undefined meaning. As of March… >>>

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