Libya: Terrorists Are Us?

“And you all also may remember that early on, I said if you hide a
terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, if you provide comfort to a
terrorist, you’re just as guilty as the terrorist. ” George W. Bush.
(Address to US., troops, Alaska, 16th February 2002.)

Given the ferocity of the attack on Libya, the country Tony Blair
credited himself with bringing in from the cold and turning in to a new
trading partner, Colonel Qadhafi, has been remarkably conciliatory. On
5th., April he wrote to President Obama, more in sorrow than in

The irony of a half African, Nobel Peace Prize winner, initiating
bombing in Africa, instead of using his roots to nurture shoots of
understanding and co-operation, is a fairly mind stretching irony. But
why spoil an unbroken track record and become the only US., President in
modern history not to attack a few countries who pose the United States
no threat whatsoever.

On April 30th., Libya’s leader proposed a negotiated cease fire with
the rebels, as long as NATO; “stop its ‘planes.” NATO and the
insurgents, rejected the offer saying it: “lacked credibility.” Don’t
bother to: “Give peace a chance.”

America, Woodrow Wilson’s: ” … only idealistic nation in the
world.”, responded by participating in a missile attack which killed the
Colonel’s second youngest … >>>

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