– NIAC Unholy Alliance!

A Fictional Story about the Secret Alliance between NIAC and to Promote IR Regime’s Agenda in the US!

JJ met with the NIAC executive member Mahshid at the corner of Main and Broadway as was earlier planned. JJ had his trench coat on. Mahshid had a Wall Street Journal tucked under her elbow. “The big bear sleeps all winter!” JJ whispered quietly. “The hummingbird is never thirsty!” Mahshid quietly replied.  They smiled and shook hands. It was like a spy thriller at the height of the Cold War in East Berlin!

The secret meeting has been in the works for quite a while. NIAC wanted to know how to post blogs on JJ explained it over an email. But changing ID/Password became a sticky point. Admin insisted that the information needed to be communicated in person and discretely. After all, that’s what Microsoft had recommended, he argued!

As they sat at a nearby coffee shop and JJ was carefully explaining how to post a news item on the site, little they knew that they were being watched by CIA and NSC. Ali Daei, a Persepolis sympathizer who had fallen out of favor with the IR Regime has been making a case to the American officials about NIAC. He provided valuable information supporting the fact that NIAC was in cahoots with IR and had secretly built a cyber attack network to go after its adversaries. He also disclosed that he unknowingly had stumbled upon a nugget of information that NIAC was getting “preferential treatment” at!

CIA Director authorized an extensive surveillance program to track JJ’s activities. Some time later, he requested an urgent meeting with the President. “We have had him under surveillance in Europe for a while until he disappeared. But because of the great work of our field assets who blog on IC we were alerted to his presence in Mexico. Using our spy satellites we located him in Chihuahua. Our agents noticed a house with a large air conditioning unit which looked different from the other houses in that neighborhood. It raised suspicion that someone important must be living in that house. We believe that it is him. It is decision time Mr. President!” Obama quickly authorized the secret mission.

In a secret conference room at the White House, President Obama and his top national security team were watching the satellite feed from Chihuahua, Mexico where the Navy seals broke into La Conchita Hair Salon and snatched JJ without any resistance. JJ begged them to let Maria finish the dye job, but they quickly rushed him out to the Blackhawk helicopter and took off.

President Obama addressed the nation on Sunday night from the Left Wing of the White House. All stations cut away from regular programming and switched to the breaking news. “My fellow Americans we got him! Last night in a daring operation, our Special Forces lead by the Navy seals snatched and captured a high valued target in a beauty salon in Chihuahua, Mexico. The target, J.J. is known in the community as, the Chief Editor has been a key figure in the unholy alliance with NIAC and other forces that sympathize with the current Regime in Iran and posed a great threat to our national security.” Obama paused and looked at the teleprompter.

“We have had the target under surveillance for a while and his communications on IC were closely monitored by NSC and CIA. Late last week, we were tipped by one of our assets on the ground that he was making a move to leave Chihuahua and come to Washington DC. We believed that it signaled the beginning of a campaign by the Regime to attack our capital. But now, with JJ in custody the threat has been averted. But we will stay vigilant.”

JJ was transferred to a new facility on Easter Island for further interrogation. After a few hours of questioning he was released.

And that’s how JJ ended up on Easter Island where he spends most of his time painting, fishing and dying his hair light brown!

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