Osama Bin Laden Is Dead -Again!

Americans are at their most vulnerable

They are vulnerable because they are gullible

They are gullible because they are ignorant

They are ignorant because they are deliberately misinformed.

May 04, 2011 “Information Clearing House” – — When Obama announced
OBL dead, it was established as a fact – the truth. Where truth is
concerned, it clearly matters where you were born – or else the truth
does not matter.

In a 2007 interview, a former Pakistani born president (twice) and a
leading opposition candidate favored to win the 2008 general Pakistani
elections, Benazir Bhutto, claimed that Omar Sheikh had murdered OBL in
an extraordinary interview , she did not get re
elected — she was assassinated. Her allegations were buried by the
mainstream media along with her. Without a doubt, the American-born US
President’s announcement of OBL’s death will extend Barak Obama’s
occupancy of the White House for another four years. Neither Bhutto nor
Obama produced a corpse to back their claim, yet it appears that
nationality has its privileges — that of establishing the truth.

A pertinent question arises: Why would the U.S. put an expiration
stamp on the Osama card when it had served the empire so well?

Inarguably, OBL had proven his value. Even… >>>

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