Pornography at Osama’s Hideout!

The Navy Seals recovered a large stash of pornography at bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad (Abbas Abad), Pakistan!…

As they say, being a terrorist is a 9-5 kind of a profession!

And once you come home after a full day of terrorism work, you need to unwind, have a glass of wine, help the kids with their homework, catch up with all the scores on ESPN, watch a little pornography and then pick which one of the three wives you want to spend the night with! Not a bad deal at all!

No Ménage à Trois! Absolutely prohibited in Islam!

You know, I really miss the revolutionaries of the olden days, the ones that lived in the jungles, like Che Guevara who was just happy with smoking a Cuban!

Here is Slave to Love by Brian Ferry to set the mood!

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