Behind the scenes power struggle

The “Open Society” and the American Way

Just what is the “Open Society,” the ideal lurking behind the Soros and his institute? Soros adapted the name from the writings of Karl Popper, a well known British philosopher and professor at the London School of Economics. For Popper, the “Open Society” was a politically transparent society built upon the foundation of civil liberty and human rights. It is the natural progression from the traditional closed societies of the past, which Popper equates with cultures based on collectivism, drawing their structure from tribal or magical thinking (according to Popper, the “vulgar Marxists” adhered to the “conspiracy theory” of worker impoverishment being due to the capitalist system[21]). In this theoretical model, the citizens of the “Open Society” would be able to remove their leaders in a series of bloodless revolutions, ensuring a ‘peaceful’ transition of ideas and power.


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