The Fall of the U.S. Empire and the Breakup of the Geopolitical Matrix

Casey Report Interview with Richard Maybury: With everything going on
in the world today, we thought it a good time to catch up with the views
of longtime friend Richard Maybury, a low-key but highly respected
author, lecturer and analyst. In addition to his work consulting with
businesses and high net worth individuals on strategic planning, Richard
is the editor of the U.S. & World Early Warning Report, a monthly
service that helps readers see the world as it is, versus how the media
and the officialdom would like you to see it. Richard is widely regarded
as one of the finest free-market writers in America today. His articles
have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other major

David Galland: You’ve been steadily warning your
readers for years about the coming chaos in what you call “Chaostan,”
yet another forecast of yours that is coming true today. Before we get
to current events, could you define Chaostan for readers who aren’t
familiar with it.

Richard Maybury: In Central Asia, the word
“stan” means “land of.” Therefore Kazakhstan is the land of the Kazakhs,
Kurdistan is the land of the Kurds, and so forth. I coined the word
Chaostan in 1992, the land of chaos, to refer to the area from the
Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean and Poland to the Pacific, plus North >>>

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