The Root of Iran’s Problems Is Within Us

This blog is a response to one of the most admirable contributors to this site, IranFirst, I thought I post it as blog.

It’s in reference to the blind, racist, uncivilized attitude we Iranians show towards any non Iranian, especially Arabs.

I am myself a “Farsi” and border line Atheist. Not religious at all. However , I don’t think the problem in Iran stems from Arabs, or Arabian culture that has allegedly “imposed” on us, or Islam. Aziz, we have a troubled history. Yes we do. Many Iranians, have been brainwashed by the Aryan chauvinistic culture created by Reza Shah to believe that we’re the best, and our culture is the best, and our race is the best, and we had the best civilization until Islam came into Iran. That can’t be farther from the truth.

We have a 2500 year tradition of tyranny that stemmed from the political structure of the nation trickling down into our personal attitudes towards each other and others. The intolerance we see right now towards each other and anything that is non-Farsi, or non-Aryan, or non-Zoroastrian, (And some of this is a natural reaction towards the intolerance IRI has shown), is result of a deeply rooted hidden and suppressed anger we have resulting from the ultra-tyrannical socio-political structure of our society. It existed from the day Koroush built the Persian nation. He actually started it. He set up a system that suppresses with outmost brutality, anything it disapproves of, and not only that, he says he is god’s appointee on earth. Our non-Islamic history (with the exception of Ashkanis) is filled with murder, genocide, intolerance and oppression. But then again, how is that different from any culture? Not much. As result, whose to say we’re better than others or others are better than us?

You cannot measure a culture by terms such as “better”. It doesn’t apply. It’s not scientific. Just like Arabs, we have good traditions and bad traditions. Just like any two neighbors (ex. English – French, Japan – China, Italian – French, Roman – Germans, Greek – Turks,,,etc), we also have had difficulties with Arabs, Turks and even non-Farsi Aryan neighbors (such as Sakkas). That does not mean they are uncivilized and we are civilized. Arabs have a way longer written and civilized history than we do. Look at Yemen, and civilization of Sabaa (spelling?). They had queens (Belqais) long before Iran existed. So what does that tell you? In addition, aren’t we proud that Shite is not true Islam and it’s a Zoroastrian form of Islam, then, why are blaming Islam for what the IRI regime is doing? Which in my opinion is enforcing true shite traditions, which is a mixture of Islam, Zoroastrianism, and the Iranian attitudes of thugishness, intolerance, jealousy and machiavelianian tendencies?

Let’s get real for a second. Arabs don’t hate us because we’re “Aryans”. They’re no better than us and we’re no better than them. All men are created equal. And all civilizations have things to be proud of and things to be ashamed of, no exceptions.

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