The Forgotten Middle Eastern Refugees

Every year the month of May marks the creation of the State of Israel— for some a celebration. For others, it marks a ‘Nakba’—a catastrophe—that prompts everything from public demonstrations to violent riots around the world.


In the United States and the United Kingdom student organizations, such as the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine, push anti-Israel divestment campaigns on their college campuses. These divestment campaigns perpetuate lies about the State of Israel, painting the Jewish state as racist and a colonial usurper, all this despite the fact it’s no larger than the state of New Jersey and its territory a tiny fraction of the Middle East.

These campaigns demand “right of return”— not a lasting peace with Israelis, but the deliberate destruction of the State of Israel.

The May campaigns also allege that Israelis are committing genocide against the Palestinian Arabs, a ludicrous statement. Figures show that since 1948 this segment of the population has quickly increased to  >>>

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