The collaboration of Israel’s inner establishment and radical Zionism—its secret ideology, with fascist powers around the globe that arose in the 20th century is beginning to become widely known. All the more reason to give close study to a leading exponent of today’s fascism—  Serbia.


To realize the goal of “Great Serbia,” Serbia has carried out a terrible “ethnic cleansing” particularly in Bosnia-Herzegovina. After the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, the Serbs invaded first Croatia and next, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Serbian aggression, which resulted in the massacre of over 200,000 Bosnian Muslims, possessed all the basic features of fascism: racism, aggression, worship of violence and bloodshed. Bearing this in mind, we may inquire if any connection with some radicals in the Israeli administration—almost a standard component of fascism—can be found in the Serbia as well.


The Jerusalem Report (January 1995) provides an answer in a widely-noted article by Professor Igor Primoratz of the Hebrew University. The article was reprinted in the Jewish Ledger (New York) on February 9, 1995. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (April/May 1995) also reported on the professor’s article under the headline “Hebrew University Professor … >>>

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