The Washington Times: No responsible company should do business with Iran

NCRI – In an article in the Washington Times on June 1, Mark Wallace, U.S. Ambassador to the UN during the Bush administration, and Frances Townsend, assistant to President Bush for homeland security and counterterrorism, wrote about the Iranian regime’s smuggling activities and said: “Many Americans understandably look at Iran’s nuclear weapons program and its support of terrorist groups in the Middle East as problems to be solved by Washington and, of course, the broader international community.”

 Mentioning the contraband cargo discovered in Nigeria in October, Wallace and Townsend said: “It is irresponsible for CMA CGM to be doing business with a brutal regime that threatens world peace.”

The Bush administration officials wrote in the Washington Times: “Iran’s strategy of using private shipping lines to proliferate weapons is by no means a new one, which is all the more reason for private corporations like CMA CGM to stop doing business there.”


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