Let’s Meet

(I wrote a call for a couple of weeks ago, now I present how I think we should proceed to unite.)

— Book a conference where anyone can travel to, like Turkey or Malaysia where there are no visa requirements for Iranians. (Fundraising could be done to accommodate those who cannot afford such travel.)

— Invite all leaders and active members of Iranian opposition groups. All should be encouraged to come, including Reformists, Communists, PMOI, Monarchists, Kurdish, and other ethnic groups. This meeting seeks to bring together varied and opposing ideologies in the belief that we can all agree on a set of principles to oppose the IRI with one voice.

— Draft a set of rules for the smooth running of the meeting. Provide a translation of Robert Rules of Order for all participants. We can also get help from Iranians who have experience running party caucuses in the West. We could call this our Opposition Leadership Retreat.

— Draft a broad set of goals that we all agree on and put it to vote. This could be like a bill of rights that includes such easily accepted civil liberties as free speech and free assembly (like the one that the Five Intellectuals proposed).

— Agree on a general strategy to keep a consistent voice of opposition in the international community that expresses our opposition in unison. It may seem impossible to bring these opposition groups together but if we all agree on the basic tenets of democratic activism there is nothing to fear. In our ideal parliament there is room for Mousavi, Rajavi as well as Pahlavi, just like how democratic legislative bodies in many of our host countries include communists and extreme right groups in the same chamber. We have to sign an oath entering the meeting to forget past grudges and respect even those whose ideas we dislike. Truth and reconciliation should be our maxim.

— Elect leaders and officers to implement our strategy.

— Fix a future date to assess our progress.

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