Ghazal Game #1

From Roger Sedarat’s collection of poetry Ghazal Games (2011, Ohio University Press).Also see ““Sonnet Ghazal .

Ghazal Game #1

Think of the greatest love you’ve ever had ( ).
Write his/her name in the space provided_____.

As long as you reiterate this name,
The semblance of this ghazal is complete:_____!

Don’t doubt, no matter what terror may come,
That God will fill your emptiness with Dear_____.

For me, Janette. For Dante, Beatrice.
For Rumi, Shams-y-Tabriz. And for you?_____.

Space makes the greatest rhyme. Sufis know this,
In spite of their lust for someone just like_____.

Now burn your useless books! You’ll learn much more
Inside schoolhouses of desire taught by_____.

Is it so silly, making readers work?
Doesn’t most poetry ask you to find_____?

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here
To join (state your full name) and (state his/hers)_____…”

Computer code, universal language,
Breaks down when translating the essence of_____.

Would you obsess over your petty shame?
Instead, substitute it with a kiss from_____.

All maps lead you to bliss. Your G.P.S.
Just estimates the time and distance to_____.

Before the loggers come for the last tree,
Write this last line with a sharp knife: I ♥ _____.

At this point, do you think you really chose_____?
Before you were born, you were chosen by_____!

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