The Sky Is Falling Again – And This Time It’s the MEK!!!

For a while, NIAC, its supporters and the various assortment of other gullible paranoid Iranians were screaming that the sky was falling and that an American / Israeli attack on Iran was imminent, and that we should rally around the IRI to save our country from total annihilation and our women from being raped by American / Israeli soldiers. That gravy train worked very well during the Bush years, and helped the IRI solidify its hold on power more, perhaps even more than it did during the 1980’s war with Iraq.

But with the end of Bush era, that ploy to keep the IRI in power lost its impact. After all, if the crazy W. didn’t start a war with Iran, there is no way that Mr. Nice Guy, Obama would. NIAC even tried hard to make Hillary Clinton the villain, but since she wasn’t president, the tactic just didn’t work. So, on to Plan B.

What is Plan B, you may ask? Well, take a look at the pages of for the past few days, and unless you’re in a coma, it will jump right at you. You got it: The MEK—the gift that keeps on giving. All of a sudden, Trita Parsi has woken up and realized that MEK is a serious threat to Iran, and that Rajavi is the next Chalabi and…you got it again…Iran will be attacked and our women will be raped—this time, though, by MEK members in their 50’s!!!

So, what should be do, oh’ great fear monger of the Islamic Republic, Mr. Parsi? When are we going to be attacked? Are Iranian women and children safe? When is this imminent attack by the MEK happening? Should we all sign up already with the Basij to fight against them when they start their attack? Does saying anything negative about the IRI help Rajavi and the MEK?

Give us a break already!!!

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