Unjust in the USA another example.

Dear President of Bank of AmericaMy name is Nasser Ali. G. and I am a college teacher in the USA. I was also teacher for German and Latin in Oviedo High school and instructor for Arabic, German and Politics at the Seminole Community College. I was a university instructor at the University in Iran, consultant to the state secretary of communication the TCI telecommunication company of Iran and also teacher in German Embassy School and other institutes. Due to the religion of my mother; she was Baha’i I have been persecuted and forced to leave Iran. My Moslem friend and my Baha’i family also misused my situation and robbed me in Iran and USA. A lot of students of mine wanted to learn foreign languages, so they came to my house to learn the languages, but my house was in a subdivision in Oviedo and the city of Oviedo and sub division did not like that sort of activates. I went to the Orange County to see what I can do.

They told me if I buy houses in County with acres or agricultural zone, they can provide me boarding and language school occupational license. I trusted them sorrowfully and bought two houses for this purpose and they gave me according to the oral information occupational license. The house in 10420 Lehman Road, Orlando, Fl 32825 is 3.2 acre land and the other one in 13305 Lacebark Pine road is five acres. I was so happy that I have my own school and planted by myself over 1000 citrus trees and other fruit trees. I cleaned the house, installed irrigation, lights, fence, gate and installed a lot of other equipment and had the second well, I tried to change the whole into nice garden and I have the intention that the students work there and do their own organic food, I build also three big cages and all these activities cost me over 800,000 dollars. I bought also a lot of tool, new furniture for the boarding school. 

 But after three years the Orange County zoning department realized that they did a mistake and they should not give me any occupational license.  They cancelled my license. I told them you did a mistake and by your mistake, I will lose all my capital and will be totally destroyed. They said I can sue them by court system. I tried to find an attorney to help me, but they want a lot of money in front which I cannot pay. I paid one time five hundred dollars and the attorney after few telephone call wanted more money.  With their mistake I am totally destroyed. What can I do with two huge houses with much expensive equipment?  They told me I can rent the houses to regular people which it was not my plan. So they destroyed the boarding school, stole the materials, did not pay and took whatever they could, from dry wall, shelves to washer and dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, tractors and… other materials. Four times my house is robbed and police did not act seriously, I even called TV to come and see the damages. I called also the insurance company, Liberty Mutual and tower, their people came, but they just paid to a company to dry the carpet for one week and later they refuse to pay me. With other words they robbed me. They collect money for many years and gave me tons of papers, but in the time I needed them, they cancelled the insurance policy, so they are just good to collect money.  How can I pay the 200,000 dollars damages the people did to my boarding school? 

   If the county did not give me such license I would not spend so much money in the buildings and houses. They made mistake and I have to be punished and pay. The tenants did not pay the rent. I have to go to the court and pay the court and sheriff to come and take them out of the house. But the paperwork and court process takes over one month, so they had time enough to destroy everything and take what they wanted, so in the time the sheriff came they were out and let me back a destroyed house. I called them and they told me, they are in a free country and can do whatever they want?  They gave me checks, but their checks are not good and the bank does not even give me their telephone number to call them, they will be harassed or bothered. They are free to robe me and nobody care. Now the price of the houses is lower and a lot of houses are foreclosed or short sell and so the people who bought them cheap can rent them much cheaper than I can. The bank is not willing to modify the prices, so it is difficult for me to compete with them. They charge less. So the insurance company did not pay me and robbed me. The people did not pay me and robbed me and the County did a mistake and I am responsible for their mistake and have to pay their mistake. Also as you know the prices are over 50 or 60% lower and I lost all my money and all my down payment.

 I am 58 years old and I put all my capital in this business and after 40 years work, I have no pennies left.  I owe the bank and credit cards for repair and mortgage or loan over 1,200,000 but the whole boarding cost not even 400,000 dollars. If you short sell you will give all my capital and saving to the third person. But if you modify it, I can manage to pay you much better that a short sell activities. How can I survive with all these difficulties and how can I pay.  It was my mistake to trust the county and the insurance companies, they are not trust valuable.  The people did the same thing and did not pay, there should be also a low to support me, I am robbed and no one seems to have interest and the whole system looks useless and nobody will take the responsibilities to the unjust had happened to me. How can USA help other people in other countries as in the USA is so many unjust and nobody is responsible and nobody can act accordingly.  I am robbed and the banks expect that I pay high interest and high money. The interest rate, rent is now low and the bank does not care. I put more than 300,000 down payments, I paid for one house over 11years mortgage which is more than 400,000 dollars, tax and insurance for the other one over six years, I paid all the costs, repair, tax and insurances, mortgages. I paid for the houses which does not cost now even 500,000 almost paid 700,000 dollars.

 But because the people robbed me, insurance companies did not pay and the people took my belonging and police did not act seriously, how can I pay? With the bad credit that is the result of robbing, I cannot even hire again.  It is not fair and very cruel that the people robbed me and I am punished for their robbing activities or for the mistake of Orange County Zoning department.  Is it just?  I am responsible for the bad economic, robbing, mistake of Orange County, and misusing of insurance companies?  And I have to be punished for all of these? Is it just?  Or it is a real cruelty to me?  I helped the student, who need a place to live and I helped them to know about the materials. And this is my reward?  If you work honest and for the society, should you be punished for the difficulties of other people?  Why I should be responsible for the mistake of Orange County or collecting company named as insurance company, or the people who took my belonging? I worked forty years and I paid all my money to the bank, for mortgage, tax and insurance, but in the time that I am robbed and the price are lower or the government made mistake, I should be their victim?  Your Nasser Ali G.

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Dear Friend,

How are you today?.Well it is a pleasure to contact you on this regard and i pray that this will turn out to be ever lasting relationship for both of us. However it’s just my urgent need for a Foreign partner that made me to contact you for this Transaction,i got your contact from our chambers of commerce, while searching for someone that I can go into partnership with. I am Mr Kabo Oba, the bill and exchange manager with the Bank Of Africa.(B.O.A).

I have the opportunity of transferring the left over fund (31.8 Million Us Dollars)Thirty-One Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States of American Dollars of one of my Bank clients who died along with his supposed next of kin in an air crash at Kenya on july 21th 2003.

I agree that 40% of this money will be for you in respect of the provision of a foreign account,50% for me while 10% is for establishing of foundation for the less privilleges in your country.If you are really interested in my proposal further details of the Transfer will be forwarded unto you as soon as I receive your willingness mail for successful transfer.

Please, visit the website below for more informations about the Plane Crash and the tragic death of the deceased and his entire family, Late DR. GEORGE BRUMLEY.



Mr Kabo.O.Kabo.


Reply to mrkabo2010@gmail.com

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