Norway. A message to IRI and Ayatollahs

A Muslim hating Norwegian, called Andres Behring Breivik, did not kill Muslims, in spite of his hatred of immigrants invading his country, pushing their ridiculous chador/hijab in the streets of the west, under the name of “freedom of expression”.  Instead, as a devout Christian, the bastard/mass-murderer Breivik killed 92 Norwegians – his own country-men/women/children to supposedly send a message to the rest of the world.

The message of this schizophrenic bastard/killer is: Stop spreading/forcing your Islamic BS down the throat of the western people, under the name of “Freedom”, especially when your real agenda is not “Freedom”.  Are the women in Iran really free under the IRI and Valayateh Ghabih.  Are the women in Saudi Arabia free to drive a car?  How free are the Islamic women in North Africa where their private parts are cut, and they are raped to have over 6 children, contributing to overpopulation and the famine?

Breivik’s argument is simply this: Unless you let western women walk in their mini-skirts/ without head-cover in the streets of Iran or Saudi Arabia (without being bothered by men or “moral police”), then please don’t insist that your women can come to the streets of the west, freely wearing their hejab — or whatever they need to do to satisfy the needs of their jealous middle-eastern men, who cannot control their culturally suppressed sexual urges. Breivik sees that as a dichotomy, or a double-standard/hypocrisy of Islam.

Well, I see a parallel between the Ayatollahs/Talibans/Ghadafi/Syrian Assad, Saudis, Sharia-law-lovers vs the Norwegian mass murderer: Andres Behring Breivik.  As much as the IRI supposedly hates the west, they don’t kill many westerners.  Instead, they kill their own people in masses in Evin Prison or other secret dongeons, just to show how much they hate Jews/Bahais/Zeorastrians/Christians, or generally, the Westerners’ values and belief systems.

Anybody in this forum sees the same parallel?

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