Some Arabs eat soosmar. So what?

Chinese eat cats, French eat frogs and ant, and Phillipinos eat a species of cockroach… Iranians eat kaleh pache

In my experience few mistake Persians for Arabs. When they do, it is only a reflection of their ignorance. In a related blog (which is not my topic) RG made a good point about Iranian Arabs and how disrespecting Arabs in general fuels separatism. It also fuels fire of divide and conquer.

I am a card carrying anti-religion party member who specializes in anti-islam at the post post-doc level but lets not confuse Arabs and Islam. Arab identity has been intertwined with Islam but that only goes so far. Remember they can understand the bul#$%^ in Quran so at least they have an idea. The problem is religion and global concentration of power and wealth, not Arabs. At least not all of them. It is the pseudo nation oil rich whores of this planet like SA, Kuwait & UAE who are of same cloth and color as the rapist republic, but a bit smarter. remember most of the rapist republic’s Aa$$holes can’t speak Arabic, including ayatoilets. They barely speak their mother tongue (I won’t get into the profession of their mothers right now). Syrians, Lebanese, North Africans are quite different and are proud of the empire that devoured them too and on the world scene are doing as well if not better than Iranians.

Bigotry is bigotry is bigotry. Against race, color, creed or anything else. Unfortunately, a large numebr of Iranians, including majority of West residing variety are as ignorant as the Arabs they diss, if not more so. They barely know their own culture, history and heritage. Inside Iran we have masses of asses. Why else the rapist republic could get away with what it does. Many Arabs do not have an islamic government  or system as F@#$%$ up and brutal as ours. The current Arab uprising is despite islam and their Arab rulers.

I had to put my head down and try to explain this Anti-Arab sense to a very dear Lebanese friends from whom I have never seen anything but civility and kindness. I cannot say as much about most Iranians who will not raise a finger to save their own brethren from the most brutal system on the face of this planet. Those raping us right now and plundering Iran are IRANIANS even if they are mercenaries and khaen going all the way back to Afshin and Salman Farsi. The richest of Iranians today floating between continents and pissing green are IRANIANS who quite happily drink Iranian blood. Most of West residing Iranians floating back and forth in unison with those inside and investing bidirectionally have bloody hands but nevr personally killed anyone.They do not see the correlation. Those praising Amir Arjomand have no clue what time it is.

If you want to differentiate yourself as an Iranian, stand proud on what we can truely be proud of; not our blood and color but on our heritage and ideals; and practice a bit of critical thinking. Goftar, raftar and pendare Neek. get yourself straight first. The wold is f#$%#$ up enough, don’t screw it up more than it is with biggotry, hatred, false information and hate mythology.

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