RUSSIAN ROULETTE: Shah’s Historic State Visit to Brezhnev’s USSR

Imperial Iran normalizes it’s relations with the Soviet Union as Foreign Ministers of Iran Abbas-Ali Khalatbari and the Soviet Union Andrei Gromyko sign the Iran-Soviet Peace and Cooperation Pact in 1972 while Standing the Shah, President of the Soviet Suprem Nikolai Podgorny and the Shahbanou Look On. (Moscow, 1972)

Shah Greeted by Leonid Brezhnev 1972:

It should be noted the President Podgorny was amongst the many heads of States who attended the Persepolis Celebrations of October 1971 honoring the 25 centuries of the Persian Monarchy. If at home these Celebrations were heavily critisized and got mixed reviews in the Foreign Free Press, the event led to some major diplomatic achievements for Iran on the international Arena and particularly in breaking the Ice with Eastern Europe’s Communist Regimes and Non Aligned nations many of whome ( Cauechescu Romania, Tito Ex Yougoslavia) praised the Shah during the same ceremonies. The  President’s of the United States ( Richard Nixon) and France ( Pompidou) and the Queen of England ( Prince Philippe represented Great Britain) were strangely absent and only represented by their Prime Ministers, or Vice Presidents at these ceremonies due to what the Press called  Lavish and Extravagant ceremonies. ( Read article We are Awake by Cyrus KADIVAR). 

The Soviet Union began its invasion Afghanistan on December 7th  1979 amidst the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and shortly after the fall of the Shah of Iran, started occupying Afghanistan in a War that lasted for 8 years.

Shah of Iran Comment 1973 to American Journalists:

“We are not the toys of any country including the United States” – National Press Club, 1973


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