Israeli Demonstrations Gain Support Through Use of Facebook

It might seem unlikely to associate the term “Arab Spring” to Israel, but over the past two weeks a tent encampments arising from a Facebook driven protest movement has grown in Tel Aviv and other cities. Unlike Egypt and other countries where protesters fought for democracy, economic justice and other issues, the Israeli Spring confronts specific issues affordable housing and the price of food. Last Saturday, 150,000 people marched in the streets and the Independent mayor of Beersheba, Ruvik Danilovich noted its significance:

This was a landmark event. The norms that have been accepted in the past will not be in the future.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, cancelled a trip abroad to Poland and President Shimon Peres held a televised meeting with leaders of the protest movement in his office, in a move that you might see as old-school technology being played against the power of social networks. While he pledged to assist in negotiating a solution, they vowed to continue the protest within the limits of the law.

The Left in Israel almost disappeared from the political map in the 2009 elections … >>>

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