The beauty/genious of the IRI Regime

So, the Dow Jones fell down over 500 points today. Who cares, except the middle class in the US, that have their entire life savings invested in 401K, IRA, or variable annuities? Do you really think that over 80% of Iranians in Iran could give a hoot about the market crash? No, Virginia, those 80% of 75 million people under IRI regime do not even know what the stock market is, let alone owning a single share.

Let’s face it, in spite of her unbelievable resources (such as oil, natural gas, mineral mines, etc.), Iran is still a third world country in terms of GDP per Capita. Have you ever wondered why?

Well, allow me to explain it to you. In the west, we have large banks, investment companies, and huge corporations that are much smarter than the ordinary citizens. They know how to make a bubble out of the real-estate market and suddenly make it burst — cashing on foreclosures and tumbling housing prices — it’s time for them to buy real estate. They also know how to play the derivatives and make the stock prices go up, so that every idiotic worker in the US invests his/her life-time savings in 401K, IRA, etc. And, suddenly, the entire stock market goes pluff!! Which is the time for the middle class to lose their life-time savings, while “the smart ones”, who engineered the whole thing, start buying stocks at very low prices — and the circle goes round-and-round.

Unfortunately for the middle class Americans, they have no idea what the hell is going on at the top, while they lose everything, calling it “Bad timing”, “Bad luck”, “down economy” etc.

The beauty of the IRI Regime is that those Ayatollahs (e.g. Rafsanjani, etc.) are doing exactly the same thing as the Western oligarchy, bankers, investment houses, etc. do. Whereas the mother-f*#kers in US/Europe fool/screw the ordinary people through the financial market jingoism, the IRI is cleverer. The IRI uses “Allah”, “Qoran” and “Islam” to rape/screw the ordinary/ignorant masses of Iranians.

Can anyone tell me why Iran, with its huge natural resources, is still a third world country? Where has all the money gone? why is an entire nation of 70+ million still so ignorant with “The Iranian Dream&qot; (versus The American Dream?) of wanting to become a Haaji by going for a ziarat to Mecca, or becoming a Seyyed by going to Karbala in Iraq?

The beauty/genius of the IRI Regime is that they can keep the majority of Iranian people stupid and ignorant, shouting “Allah-o-Akbar”, or “Death to America, Death to Israel”, while the ugly westerners are waking up and recognizing how they are being screwed by a bunch of scrupulous bastards called Bankers, Goldman-Sashs, Old Money, etc.

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