Mousavi Khoeini: Reformers Goal is to Keep the Regime

Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Khoeini, the secretary general of the pro-reform Association of Combatant Clerics (Majmae Rohaniyoon Mobarez) has said that the goal of the reformists is to “keeping the Islamic Republic,” rather than working around or outside it. Khoeini, who used to be the editor of the now-banned Salam reformist newspaper, also said that another goal of the reformers in Iran was to have reforms on a continuous basis of ineffective institutions and structures within the Islamic republic.

He defined the “continuous reforms” to be those actions that were targeted to “keep the national interest and benefits within the fundamental social beliefs” adding that efforts to achieve this were “continuous and holly” activities.

At the same time, he also implicitly said that “reform and change of laws” by Majlis representatives was a goal of the reformists.

And in a remark that is a challenge to the views of the ruling circles, Khoeini said that “the path of reforms has not come to a dead end,” thus not requiring “a solution,” a reference by some that the dead requires changes as solutions for the reform movement.

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