As US economy sinks into debt and oblivion, the Zionists continue to push for more wars

There is heated debate in Washington about what to do with the runaway debt crisis. And this time it is real. Both halves of the American body politic — the Republicans and the Democrats — have finally been stung by the uncontrollable debt that is officially acknowledged to be around $14.4 trillion. Congressmen and senators are exchanging heated words and lobbing discourteous statements at each other because they are at an impasse as to whether they should raise the debt ceiling or begin to deal with issues of default and bankruptcy. Whichever way they decide to go it will hurt. It is like the Arabian proverb: a man has swallowed a knife and it is stuck halfway down his digestive tract: if the decision is to pull it back up it is going to do considerable damage and if the decision is to have it continue its course it is going to do considerable damage. Cheers to a US economy that cannot burp and cannot break wind!

   In the middle of all this, a committed Muslim cannot help but link the unspeakable together. No one is saying it; but we should know better. The American economy is going belly-up because of the Israeli toxins that have been circulating in the American body politic for decades now. Were it not for the Israeli obsession with national security, the US would not be in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was the pro-Israeli neo-conservatives who cheered the US into the killing fields of Iraq and the murderous terrain of Afghanistan…. >>>

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