The path and Obstacles to Freedom

As we view  in admiration the brave uprisings of our syrian and Libyan brothers and sisters against their ruthless despots, some of us wonder why our own massive “Green” uprising two years ago failed, with it’s leaders in jail.

Well there is an old saying “No Pain, No Gain”

with greatest respect to the memories of our own unarmed fallen who were so tragically murdered without killing even a single bassiji thug, lets look at some numbers and differentiating factors:

 Syrians have so far lost well above 2000 people in relentless fightings against the assad regime security forces and it’s imported IRCG/Bassij terrorist gangs . They have also killed many dozens of syrian security forces and hopefully some IRCG agents . Lybian casualties are up to 13000  on both sides. Both Lybia and Syrian uprisings are decisively not peaceful. Both uprisings have clear aims: overhrowing the regime, absolutely no talk of Reforms….

So let’s be honest about it. To achieve our freedom and liberty, we need to march over the dead bodies of  these worthless savages. who have been killing the freedom loving people from Damescus to Tehran, by shooting at them on the streets and from the roof tops. Needless to say that we would not fight these islamist fascists empty handed , if we indeed aim for a decisive victory.

Good news: we are 70 million, and they, at most one million.

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