A disturbing trend; request for civility

Recently I have seen a very disturbing trend on IC. People are getting more nasty towards one another. A major reason has been the debate on MKO. However it goes beyond that.

Recently I have been personally attacked by several bloggers. One used such words {in Persian} that were very inappropriate; someone else flagged it and the post was removed. I was basically “ordered to leave the blog”. While I had done nothing that would warrant it. The language used made a chill run down my spine since I have not heard Iranians use that sort of language towards one another in years. What is going on and where is all this hate coming from? 

Others accuse each other of libel; being agents of various nefarious agencies. I would like to make an appeal for civility. We are here to exchange ideas. We do not own blogs they are owned by IC and are here for exchange of ideas. To learn from each other not to simply agree and pad each other on the back.

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