Rewriting Our History

This is precisely the problem that won’t go away with a second revolution.

This guy has successfully intellectually argued away Persian history and written it off as German scientifically proven fact, and as a Jewish (Yahoodi) invention.

That he has no answer for, “If Cyrus and Darius were not Persian/Iranian historical figures, then, who were they?”, is not posed, because he is a bully and a tyrant and Iranians typical of the times, are too afraid to ask the simple counter question. The forum and pulpit from which he boasts has been cleverly orchestrated to not allow q&a or comments, which is why you don’t hear any dissenting opinions.

By the time the stunned and scared audience wanders out of the auditorium, I am sure they are saying, “Khob hatman dorost migeh…”

This is yet another sermon intended to introduce subtle doubt, and slowly bend the minds in attendance, with falsehoods painted as scientific fact (Az Almani-ha beporsid).

This deviousness, and sly tactics, and the retarded minds that are boldly executing it with impunity on a daily basis, are of a Goebbels level, maybe even better by now, and a highly toxic and dangerous game whose consequences while laughable, are of the most utter seriousness.

This guy, is exactly why at this time, there can never be a second revolution or an upending of this cart, because they are winning the battle of wits, and the original argument.

Which is that history, can be rewritten if enough people are force-told the same lie over and over, and if enough time passes with no one objecting or countering the arguments being made.

What a shitty person, and what a shitty thing to say. God how he must hate Iran.

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