Disturbing trend of not crediting the original poet

In the past few days, there has been a disturbing trend on IC. On a comment thread about a poem, someone quoted couple lines of Shamloo’s poem without mentioning that the lines were written by Shamloo. Then I saw a poem that has very distinct line which has been used previously by other poets but I saw no credit given to the other poets.

This disturbing trend of not crediting orignal poets seems to be common in Iran. I once saw one of my poems on a web site as if the guy had written it. I also saw a site that included Forough ‘s poems without noting that they were written by Forough. For those of you who think that you are too smart, we are not stupid. We know what you did last summer. You went to Iran and bought whole bunch of Persian poetry books and now you are busy quoting from them to make yourselves look smart and poetic and in th eprocess , you will ruin Persian poetry.  We know that IRI paid for all those books that you bought and sent you to post comments on IC and not credit the original poets. This is another part of IRI plan for destroying Persian poetry. First they ban Khosrow and Shirin. Then they quote Shamloo without mentioning his name.

Israel has also been identified as a country that supports not crediting original Persian poets, and United States is always interested into destroying Farsi poetry by having lousy translations of it and also by having its agents active on Iranian sites, quoting lines from famous poems and not crediting the original poet. This is how IRI and hostile foreign countries plan to destroy Persian poetry, which is source of pride of our nation. If our space program “sucks to Canada” (Anonymouse) and can only send mouse into space, If our submarines look like toys, if our oil lines explode minutes after opening ceremony, but we still have our Persian poetry.  Don’t let IRI agents or agents of Imperialism and Zionism, destroy Persian poetry by not quoting original poets.

This blog will self delist after one day; sorry I meant defeature. In conclusion, let me add that NIAC has not been involved in any way in this blog except Trita Parsi gave me the idea and some money to write this blog and then he will lobby IC Admin not to defeature my blog. NIAC will be e-mailing its members every day regarding the need for not defeaturing this blog and how defeaturing this blog can endanger Persian poetry. There are other secrets that I could be telling you but first you have to ask and then it will be up to me to let you ask or I might throw you out of my blog.


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