the other day I was on my favorite chai time site you know, then this pop-up add on the corner reads :Is your child happy in school?

like many other father in here I guessed let me read it and by the time finished all I needed to know like $7000 per year and …

what made me angry was the international part ( the 4 -5 global regions I was fine with all the covered areas and then comes ARABIAN GULF REGION and school address and ph # in Dubai…..

I did already sent my pissed off Email asking them to change THAT to PERSIAN GULF and by the way what kind of schooling is that by fabricating a historical region to suit some unknown AND TEACHING KID WRONG about geography SHE ONLY SAID I’LL RELAY THE MESSAGE.

please cal them about it

their number is 703-436-3316


And should had looked into it also.

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