Dear Mr. John Mica the representative of Florida

Dear Mr. President I have a business that I can create jobs for more than forty people; I can also produce organic food for a lot of people. All my lines of credits are frozen, because the price of building and land came down, so I have no money to spend for my boarding and for my two farms.  I can grow chicken, fish and produce a lot of agricultural products. I know also eight languages and can train the people in Pashto, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, German, English, Latin and other languages and subjects. I have place for people or students to live and work, or learn. But without the help of the government, cannot continue. I can even expand the business, if the government support me. First of all I appreciate your interest about the country and the problem of the people which should be considered and not just ignored. Everybody should try to help the country and its inhabitants. If the system became indifferent and nobody care what is happening, everybody will lose in the long term.  I know eight languages and I know all religions and problems in the Middle Eastern countries and I can be a good help to solve some of the problems. But because I have a boarding school and the price of the real estate is down, I cannot be cleared for a job as consultant or translator even I passed all exams?  What can I do as the price of the real estate’s came down and the buildings for my boarding school that I owe the bank 1,200,000.00 dollars is now 500,000.00 dollars?  Why I should be punished for the depreciation of the building?  Is it logical or human? The economy system has a problem and I should be punished for that? 

  Second as you aware the Orange County zoning department gave me approval and occupational license. After three years that I put all my saving and all my work and interest in the boarding and I planted alone over 1000 citrus trees, the zoning department came with this matter ,that they did a mistake and they should not given me a license at all. If they did not give me a license, I would stay as a college teacher or high school teacher or even sub teacher and I would not putt all my money, saving and work in this school?  Again they make a mistake and I have to be punished? Is it fair and just?  If they did not give me that license I would not put over 800,000.00 for the improvement, installation of lights everywhere, installation of fence, gate and irrigation and other improvement.   Again they did a mistake and I should be their victim?   What can I do with three buildings and eight acres land? I rented it, but the people who rented did not pay the rent and because I had a lot of loan and a lot of materials and furniture in the building, they thought I am rich and start also to robe my belonging. I have to go to the court system to send them out of the houses. They damaged more the houses took whatever they needed and destroy as far as they could. Again I am responsible for the credit cards and loan to pay, but they are not responsible to honor their checks they did not pay, and the damages they did. I have over 50,000 dollars checks the people do not pay me, but I am responsible to pay the credit cards? 

 I cannot even call them to ask them to pay me, as they change their telephone and addresses. With other words, if I am robbed and not pay, it is fine, but I have to pay. They have money and do not pay and I have lost all my money, by decreasing of the price of the house over 50% , mistake of Orange County zoning department and robbing. The police came five times in my boarding and saw that the house was robbed and destroyed, but they did not do any serious action. For them it is fine? They took dry walls, windows, doors, washer and dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, tools, tractor, machines for maintaining the house and whatever they needed. Is it just, that they robe my houses and the government does not help me?  The water also damaged the house and insurance companies do not pay. Another house of mine, I had a lease for two years with the people after five months, they left the house without saying goodbye to me and in the time I went there, the house was damaged and robbed again. I called the police and again, everything is fine? I have a lost of damage for 30,000 dollars and the insurance company does not pay?  

They just collect money in the time you make money and in the time you need them, they do not pay? How can I pay the bills and the credit cards as so many people from different sides robbed me?  The price of the houses is low now, but the bank does not modify it? And so it is difficult for me even to rent, as a house is not current and is not modified, the people are not willing to rent. The bank will sell the houses short sell to the third person and does not care that I put a lot of money in the houses.  I bought them for 860,000 dollars and I put another 800,000 for changing them to boarding school, but now the price for them is 500,000 dollars, that means the person who buys have all my saving and all my capital, and the bank is not logical to negotiate with me, instead of selling them so cheap. Is it my fault that the price of the houses is so law and the bank does not understand the situation?  The interest rate is lower, but bank is not willing to do it with the current rate? And it should be modify to the current price. How can I pay over one millions dollars to the bank? And as the price of the buildings is lowered, the bank should consider it also or not? The bank even closed my equity line of credit, because they told me the price of the properties has come down. You see I have been attacked from many sides. 1-The price of the boarding school is low and the bank does not cooperate, the price is over 50% lower, but they want the old price, how can I pay them one million dollars, as the building cost only 500,000, should I print money and give them? 2- The people do not pay me what they owe me. I have over 50,000 dollars checks that the people do not pay 3- The insurance companies should pay me about 200,000.00 and they do not pay?

 4- The Orange County makes a mistake, and I am responsible for their mistake, which is 800,000 dollars lost?  5- Because of all these problems which are not my fault, I cannot be hired? Is it my fault that I trusted, Orange County, insurance companies, and the people? Is there any law that can support me?  The attorneys want a lot of money ab front and in this condition, I cannot pay them. They are not willing to work on contingency bases?  The USA wants to help the whole world and one citizen and college instructor is totally robbed here and is no help for him?  I worked forty years as a college teacher and they robbed me from left and right and did not let pennies for me?  I have negative income and not real saving.  With all my knowledge and experiences I am trapped by insurance companies, banks and people who robbed me and destroyed my life. I paid in these 15 years about 700,000 dollars to banks, insurance companies, taxes and I have no support? Why we should pay such high insurance and taxes as we will be ignored later? They took all my money and I have nothing? Is it fair and just? By decreasing the price of the building I lost all my saving, but still the bank wants more money?  So in this way, the middle class people will be destroyed and soon they are also homeless.  If the whole capital of mine is taken as taxes, insurance and interest to the government, insurance companies, and bank, how can I continue and survive?  You pay insurance for the rainy days, and not for fun?  Is it just here? 

 Yours   Nasser Ali G  Amir

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