Cranes of death 2

Using construction cranes to publically execute Iranian men and women is a favorite of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR). As reported in a July 13th blog, there are still too many sane world based companies which sell and service these cranes of death.

The good news is due to the Cranes Campaign, number of these companies have stopped providing these mobile killing machines to IRR.

The Finnish giant, Konecranes, is the latest company which has put more value on humanity than the corporate bottom line. The shareholders and the executives who made this decision must be applauded, kudos to all.

The following companies can be crossed out from this list of suppliers of mobile Iranian murder machines to IRR, kudos to all and their shareholders:

Tadano, Terex, UNIC, and Liebherr.

In the name of humanity, those other companies continuing to provide these Iranian killing cranes to IRR must stop doing so NOW.

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