IRI expert Pirouz Izadi say’s “Sarkozy playing Iranophobia card to woo French voters”

French officials are in the habit of threatening Iran and disseminating anti-Iran propaganda. For example, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner have both used expressions like the “Iranian bomb” to describe Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

The threats and propaganda campaigns are crude attempts to pressure Iran to change its stance toward the nuclear issue, but they have not produced the desired result.

Iran is determined to continue enriching uranium since it is its inalienable right according to international law.

The other European countries seem to have reached the conclusion that threats will get nowhere.

However, France is currently seeking to play a more active role in international disputes. And along these lines, French officials like Sarkozy and France’s representative to the United Nations recently threatened that a military attack may be launched against Iran.

The United States is in a different situation than France. U.S. forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan and Iraq, and U.S. President Barack Obama is being heavily criticized for his inability to fix the ailing U.S. economy. Thus, Obama has decided to deal with domestic issues and has not joined the Iranophobia campaign.

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