Did Steve Jobs Get A Liver (transplant) From An Executed Iranian Prisoner?

The average life expectancy of a liver transplanted patient is said to be about 2 years; and sure enough Steve Jobs who had a liver transplant two years ago in Memphis tennesee passed away this past week rougly 27 months after his transplant surgery.

He was a tech giant, and a visionary – who built the most valuable company in the world. He was also very ill; and could afford the very best medical care in the world.

So when he needed a liver transplant, he cut the line and got one. The line, my friends was 6000 people long in 2009. One other report (from another organ donation center has the line at 16,000 people long in the U.S. alone. Every year in the U.S. over 1500 people die waiting in this line.  Patients are prioritized based on medical condition, and by all accounts, his condition would have given him very low priority on these waiting programs. Even if he had somehow managed to get a high priority, he had to find a match…an organ that matched his body. And quite honestly, with a Syrian father and an American mother, Steve Jobs was a mut. He had an unussual body! Even with a high priority, finding the right donor in the U.S. was probably impossible.

To cut the line, and get a transplant quickly, Steve Jobs had to go to Tennesee – to a world renowned center for Liver Transplants that can miraculously get you a liver or Kidney or you name it organ when you need it.

Yes, Memphis. Why Memphis?

Let’s see…oh… who runs this Organ Transplant Center in Memphis? Dr. James Eason! Right? Well on paper he runs it. He gives all the news conferences. He is a pretty boy, who takes credit for all the work. But look closer and you see that there are a few Iranian surgeons right next to him, right there at the top of the Transplant Center at the Methodist Hospital in Memphis Tennessee who actually specialize in Liver transplants. And are able somehow to get the organs they need to conduct the transplants. One of the senior doctors there, has a letter of appreciation from the Minister of Health and Medical Education for Advancement in the History of the Iranian Medical Society for the first successful living donor liver transplant!

Now, I am not accusing anyone, but why should Memphis – of all places in the U.S. – get organs that other places in the U.S. can not get? Is there a huge population of Syrians in Memphis married to Americans? Isn’t Memphis also the Heroin capital of the U.S.? Isn’t Memphis international airport the largest international cargo airport in the U.S.? Isn’t the IRGC, not only the largest smuggler of black market organs worldwide, but also the largest transhiper of Afghan heroin too? Might the IRGC use the Heroin trafficking systems to smuggle organs too?

Iran is now number 2 after China in prisoner execution rates worldwide. Iran, with a population roughly 15x smaller than china is executing about the same number of prisoners. These days, in Iran, executions are handled by “medical teams”. Prisoners are cut up, and their organs are flown across the world from Iran to transplant centers in Europe, US, India and Japan. Kidneys are especially in high demand, and Iran actually has a massive surplus of kidneys that it sells. Organ sales is legal in Iran. It is the only country in the world where Organ sales is actually government sanctioned.

I wish Steve Jobs was still alive, because I think if he knew what might have happened for him to get his liver, and live two years longer, he might just have been powerful enough (with all his wealth) to influence U.S. policy vis-a-vis Iran. A little guilt might have gone a long way towards liberating Iran and Iranians.

Jobs as you probably know was adopted, but his real father was a Syrian who married an American. He was probably genetically close enough to a tragic Iranian prisoner’s blood and tissue type for a near perfect liver transplant. Unfortunately even Steve Jobs, could not reverse a biological reality that a perfect organ match is eventually rejected by a new body. Even with suppression drugs, most patients apparently live a few years!

May he rest in peace, and may he look down on earth from wherever he is (heaven or hell) and do something to make this world a more decent place…especially for Iran and Iranians… who are under the imposition of an oppressive, ruthless and mafia type regime that will do anything for power and profit … and in the end live under conditions where prisoners are killed and sacrificed for people like him to live a few more years. 

It was just long enough for his company Apple, to rise to the very highest equity valuation in the world. Just long enough for his name, his image, his legacy to rise to the status of a tech “God”. He is revered. What about the poor soul that died – whose liver is part of Steve Jobs’s body being cremated?

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