Interview with Feridon Farsi

AM:  Salam

FF: Al Salam va Alaykom va Rahmatollah va Barakato

AM:  I thought you were Zoroastrian.

FF: Religion is a subjective matter and should not be allowed to create a barrier between us and the Iranian regime.

AM: I see. How would you like me to address you?

FF: You can call me the president of an Iranian-American National Council.

AM: No, I mean should I call you Mr. Farsi or just Feridon?

FF: Actually my name is an ancient Persian word for Ghormeh Sabzi, which used to be called Tormeh Tabzi, and then in prior times became Trita Tazi.

AM: Ok Trita jan … tell us about your little hair on the chin.

FF: Well, as you may know, the Iranian people have gone through a lot of hardship in the past 32 years, including the sanctions which have stopped any import of Gillette razors.

AM:  So it’s not to distract us from your receding hair line?!

FF: Well if by receding you mean some kind of rapprochement and pulling back of the sanctions against Iran, well in that case; life will be much easier for the average IRI overlord.

AM: Are you an Iranian, or are you an American?

FF: Neither … that’s what makes me perfect as the lifetime president of Iranian-Americans.

AM: What is your favorite Persian dish?

FF: I like the round white china dishes with red flowers on them.

AM: Who is your favorite Iranian singer?

FF: Ahangaran … I really like his genre of inspirational Islamic pop.

AM: What is your favorite Persian movie?

FF: As Imam Khomeini said; the best Iranian movie is Bull, but I also love Ekhrajiha 1, 2 and 3.

AM: any take away notes for our readers, Mr. Tazi?

FF: If some stranger in the street asks you for a regime change … JUST SAY NO!

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