DISCRIMINATION: Vendetta Against Anglican Bishop in Iran (1980)

Bishop Daghani Tafti an Iranian Anglican Bishop whose son was assassinated speaks about the arrest of secretary Jean Waddell. (circa 1980)

Anglican Bishop in Iran from 1961 to 1990 but was obliged to spend the last 10 years of his episcopate in exile, following the 1979 revolution and an attempt on his life in November of that year.

In the course of the attack, in which several shots narrowly missed their target, his wife, Margaret, was wounded in the hand; and in May of the following year his only son, 24-year-old Bahram, was murdered, apparently by government agents.


Bishop Daghani Tafti of the anglican church in Iran speaks about the arrest of secretary Jean Waddell

Bishop Hassan Daghani Tafti arrives back in UK: Intw Deghani Tafti

Date: 11/08/1980


Bishop of Iran who survived an assassination attempt and had to continue his ministry in exile. Daily Telegraph

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