Iran says it sends man into space in less than 10 years

TEHRAN(ISNA)-Iran said it can send man into space in less than 10 years, taking another successful step in the aerospace technology.

The Deputy of Iran’s Aerospace Research Center Hamed Hashemi Mohanneh highlighted Iranian scholars’ progress in building and launching explorer rockets with bio-life capsule, getting access to remote-sensing technology and devices sending alarms in cases of fire in jungles as well as predicting catastrophes including flood and climate changes.

The research center is working on designing, building and testing explorer rockets to send bio-capsule into space.

“Explorer Rocket is to hold to an engine rocket. The engine would take the rocket up to 100 km. They will be separated then. The capsule returns to the earth, so that we can evaluate data collected from high altitudes,” he said.

In February Iran successfully test fired the Kavoshgar-3 rocket which carried a rat, turtle and worms. The country launched a domestically made satellite into orbit for the first time in 2009.

Iran has already said it plans to send a man into space by 2024.

In mid-March, Iran announced the successful launch of Kavoshgar-4, carrying a test capsule designed to house the monkey.


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