Ghaddafi Sodomized


According to the news and the very clear photos he was sodomized by a knife. This is the man who was running Libya with an Iron hand. Now reduced to this sorry form. 

This is a very disgusting and upsetting news. I know the guy was a murderer but this kind of action is not right and I condemn it without hesitation; hope that others do a well. Nevertheless it should be a warning to IRI leaders. Torture and rape turns people into animals. Not very long ago Ghaddafi was on the giving side of this. In a few months he was on a receiving side of it. Mr Khamenei should take note of this as should AN.

The IRI goons should know that the families of their victims will be no less merciful. If they are wise they will go now. While the getting is good and the door is open. Because if the tables turn it will be a tough time for them. Maybe there is going to be someone who will stand against the mob and stop them. But more likely no one will. I warn you this is vile and disturbing. But here is the link:…


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