Can Someone Please Tell Me EXACTLY How The IRI Is Supposed To Reform Itself?

I have a few questions for all those who claim that the IRI should be left alone to “reform” itself.  I would like to know the following:

*          Please describe the EXACT process of how this reform will take place that will turn a despotic, brutal theocracy into a democracy.  Please note that I am asking for the step by step process, not just abstract thoughts and wishful thinking. 

*          How will a system that crushes the slightest dissent allow the establishment of the social and political infrastructure that will usher in a representative democracy?  In other words, how will the IRI allow the election of those who support a democratic system of governance to its system?  How will they pass laws that will not be vetoed by the Guardian Council and the Velyat Faghih?

* Howl long will we have to wait for this process to take place?  Should we wait until the entire Guardian Council is dead and a new cadre of more progressive Ayatollahs take over this body?  What is the estimated time frame for democracy to take hold in Iran?  In light of the fact that after three decades, the IRI has gotten even more dictatorial in nature, is a century a close enough estimate for the arrival of democracy in Iran? 

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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