On trendy habit of “Revolution bashing”

“It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws.” V.I. Lenin 

It is very trendy amongst the Iranian intellectual circles these days to bash the idea of Revolution, equating Revolutions to backward movements in society. And there is plenty of evidence to back that point of view. Just look at our country Iran. How about Lybia, Tunisia, and Egypt? Just look at the way they are going “islamic”. I mean just the shock and horror of Gaddafi having objects inserted into his anus before his execution and public showing of his corpse in a poorly refrigerated meat storage facility.

However, the  western minded Iranian Intellectuals need to consider the fact that two great European democracies, French and British, both owe their democratic institutions and socio economic progresses to Revolutions. (French  and English Revolutions, where in both cases the Monarch’s head was chopped off, a very cruel act indeed at first glance…) 

True, Revolutions are cruel and injustices do occur during and post Revolutions. But the key points to remeber is that revolutionary processes begin when masses of people are under severe socio economic pressures, with no democratic outlet to voice their just grievences, with no hope of reforms. The fact that a lot of revolutions get hijacked by the most reactionary and anti revolutionary segments of the society (per Iran 1979 and possibly Lybia 2012) is another story….

So instead of blaming Revolutions and the people who revolt against tyrants, go and blame the tyrants who create the ideal climate for a revolution by their arrogant dictatorial behaviour.

In conclusion: Long Live Revolution, Down with the dictators!

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