So, now what????

Been away for a very long while (I’m sorry), but I could not resist the urge to post this one.


I’m sorry if this disappoints some but hope it to be constructive in creating some motion in the right direction. So, here we go…..


The regime is suffocating any breath of freedom, any movement towards separation of religion from state, any advocacy for human right (be it speech or system of belief, or….). What are we supposed to do?


In my humble opinion, inviting foreign forces to intervene is an absolute “NO”. The solution (if there is any) is for the Iranian people get educated about secularism and democracy. There is no such schooling system to teach such matters to masses (at least not in IRI).


In the current age of technology all is needed is a motivated and educated person to take the time to talk (convincingly) to 5-10 of his/her own non-believers, neighbors, relatives, etc… (call it a small cell) the advantages of a secular system while respecting the privacy of individual belief system be it Islam or whatever……We need to teach the basij, our brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. As hard, and next to impossible as it may sound, we need to do it. Without education there will be no change in the system. Once the masses reach that stage of maturity, there is hope that a leader (young/old) will emerge to unite the educated masses (cells) to rise and establish the system of government that is based on their belief of democracy and secularism.


The major problem is brutality of IRI and their widespread system of spies and conspirators. But, those individual cells are somewhat protected against such brutalities if their focus is only on education without any advocacy against the regime. The key is formation of millions of such cells (that do not advocate against the regime but only promote the merits of secular system). This may take years, OR,  we may already be there and only waiting for a uniting leader. When we get there we can ask for the support of the world (be it in the forms of money, moral support or even arms) to help reach our ultimate goal.



I am begging our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters to get active in this non-violent endeavor (i.e. forming an educational cell) and spreading the word. Let others worry about sanctions and nuclear stuff. Our focus should remain education in small cells. Can’t emphasize enough that it could be our own mother and father, brother and sister that we need to educate. Our college buddies are already there and we won’t accomplish anything by getting together with a bunch of people that think like ourselves.


With the hope that we get there some day soon.





p.s. my apologies in advance if I become tardy in my response to comments (if any).

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