Iranian Wave

Networking: how bad we are …..

The Hezbollah Party in Iran might be bad, but Khomeini did one thing right. He established an amazing network with his cassettes. We Iranians all have mobile phones. But we have no abiliry to network. Even when we agree on one thing we all say it differently. There needs to be a system. There needs to be a common agreement on the terminology used at least, so that it resonates harmoniously and builds a crescendo. Politics is all about social branding. How do you think Apple made the iPhone great? Everyone already had two mobiles. So why did they buy an iPhone?

We need to sell our brand. It is called Iran. So first of all call them The Hezbollah Party in Iran. Yes it is important to write it all out. It does a lot. The title connects them to other Hezbollah Party proxies in Lebanon and elsewhere. That then pretty much removes “Iran” from the discussion. If you use your own abbreviation then you do not add to the momentum of the wave of opposition. The wave of opposition is made of loads of droplets of voices all using the same terminologies. Right now there is no wave. People like me make a drop and it barely get picked up and built upon and it dies. Why? Because another person would be writing at the same time and that article does not connect to mine as it uses it own syntax.

Ali Mostofi


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